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Hydraulic Hammer - BSP

A complementary product to PTC Vibrodrivers


BSP Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic hammers are complementary to Vibrodrivers for certain applications. A complete range of Hammer from 20 to 590 kNm with a ram weight from 1.5t up to 40t are proposed for rent and for sale.

ISO 9001 certified : 

BSP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which manufactures a range of hydraulic hammers with care for the environment.

Afters-sales services are assured by PTC :

• BSP equipment commisioned by a PTC technician, as well as
job site personnel training.
• BSP equipment maintenance as well as spare parts disposal.


One Hydraulic Power pack

Hammers can be powered by PTC Power packs with open loop circuit which are designed and optimized to power both equipments (Hydraulic hammer and Vibrodriver). This is why PTC extends its piling range with Hydraulic Hammers.

BSP Hammers can be powered by two solutions :
- by the PTC power pack
- by the Rig

Download our Hydraulic Hammer brochure

  • Hydraulic Hammer Brochure - 2015 (pdf, 1.95 MB)
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