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Main Features

Excavators mounted Vibrodrivers are specifically designed for piling and extracting works using excavators.

Excavators monted Vibrodrivers
Excavators monted Vibrodrivers are specificaly designed for piling and extracting works using excavators.

3 ranges available:

PH: Standard frequency and fixed eccentric moment Vibrodrivers

PHF: High Frequency and fixed eccentric moment Vibrodrivers

PHFV: High Frequency and Variable Moment Vibrodrivers

Compact and Slim

Ideal for piling jobs with reduced spaces and low head room, such as in city centres.

- Minimal height to drive long profiles.

- So slim that can drive in between sheet piles.

Vibrofonceur entre les palplanches


3 Connection Options    

To allow perfect adaptation to the number of circuits available on the excavator:

- Hydraulic control.

- Electric control.

- Flow limitor.   

Controle hydraulique


Vibrodrivers equipped with PTC patented Variable Moment technology can perform resonance-free piling works:

- Resonance free start-up and shut-down.

- Adjustable amplitude and driving speed.

Power and Lightness

- Vibrators with very light weight and powerful eccentric moments.

- High push/pull force

Simple Operation

- The Vibrodriver is powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system.

- The excavator’s operator controls all parameters from the cabin.

Clamps adaptability

- Clamps can be mounted at 90° to allow face working

- A broad range of clamping heads to allow the driving and extraction of: Sheet piles, H-beams, Wooden piles, Concrete piles, Small tubes.

Choose your Vibrodriver

Which Vibrodriver for your excavator? 

The following graph helps you to choose the best adapted Vibrodriver model according to the excavator capacity and power. 



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