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Vibrodriver principle

Find out our Free Hanging Vibrodriver principle

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PTC Vibrodrivers are efficient hydraulic vibratory hammers that produce vertical vibrations to drive or extract a wide variety of profiles:

- Sheet piles
- H and I beams
- Casings and tubes
- Concrete piles
- Wooden piles

The Vibrodrivers work free hanging on crawler cranes and mobile cranes with
telescopic booms for HFV & HV ranges.
Les vibrations

Vibratory pile driving reduces the cohesion of the soil through vibration

The vibration of the profile causes the adjacent ground to shift and reduces the friction between the soil and the profile. The vibration allows to easily drive the profile, or extract it using in addition the pulling force of the crane.

What Vibrodriver model for your application?

To define the adapted vibrodriver you need, recolts and send us informations about the foundation jobsite such as: type of profile, dimensions, penetration depth, SPT values, jobsite description...

PTC propose two solutions to determine the equipment : 

1.  You may contact your local distributor or PTC export sales managers and send the following jobsite informations (mentionned above)

2. Use the PTC Mobile APP Vibrodriver Assessment

PTC have developped a mobile application to help you define the equipment required for driving piles and sheet piles by filling basic informations such as: type and dimensions of profiles, type of soil and penetration.

Download here : 

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The Vibrodriver Assessment APP, How does it work?

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