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Vibmaster Monitoring

Find out more about the PTC monitoring system Vibmaster


Soil Velocity VIBMASTER

The Vibmaster enables to set a limit to the soil particle velocity, which will not be exceeded during pile driving works. This system is required in vibration sensitive areas such as city centers, and job sites near buildings or next to train railways.

The Vibmaster is available for all HFV and HV Vibrodrivers applications.


The Vibmaster allows to continuously control the Vibrodriver work through the reading of the following parameters :
- The soil particle Velocity (in m/s), to control the vibration
- The pressure of the Vibrodriver, to display the power supplied
- Depth of penetration (in meters)

The following parameters are optionals :

- Requency (Hz)
- Vibrodriver's vibration frequency and amplitude
- Verticality

The Advantages

  • Produits


    The Vibmaster system allows PTC Vibrodrivers users to work in sensitive areas in a safe condition and maintain the efficacity.

  • Produits


     A "Plug & Play" quick & easy system connects it to the hydraulic powerpack.

  • Produits

    Backup function

    The Vibmaster is equipped by a USB port to save the data and allow users to share easily.

  • Produits

    Instant information

    The data recorded by the Vibmaster® is printed in real time, making it easy to control the performance on site.

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