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Power Packs

Wide range of power packs complying to the most recent environmental regulations and emission standards: STAGE IIIA, STAGE IIIB and STAGE IV.


A 3 in 1 powerpack

PTC «Multi-purpose» powerpacks feature an open loop circuit, which allows the power pack to supply power to multiple equipments: Vibrodrivers, Hydraulic hammers, Vibrolances, and more…

ECOMODE : To reduce fuel consumption from 10-35%

ECOMODE allows the engine to permanently run at optimal speed without modifying the flow and the frequency of the Vibrodriver. Hence, obtaining the same Vibrodriver performance using less fuel.


Standard Features

  • Clamp and variable moment circuit
  • Screen displaying working parameters and engine defaults (possibility to translate messages to the local language) 
  • Easy access to quick couplings°
  • A control box (plus an identical control box in spare)
  • Auto idling of diesel engine even when the vibrator stops working (for power packs equipped with Ecomode).

Optional features :

  • Remote control
  • Additional cooler system can be added for:

        - Working at temperatures over 35°C 

        - Continous running of the Vibrodriver. (some Vibrodrivers include this feature as standard).

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Siberian kit for working under -35°C, includes:

         - Diesel pre-heater

         - Hydraulic oil heater (this kit requires an electrical supply)

         - Special low temperature hydraulic oil

  • Hydraulic Hammer Kit: To use the power pack also with hydraulic hammers ( BSP and IHC currently supported)

Our Range of Powerpacks

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    Power pack ranges
    Our Range of power packs
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