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Monitoring System

The Piling Rig parameters can be controlled or modified through a large LCD touch screen, which adapts the machine to your job site conditions.

Diagnostique détaillé
Diagnostique détaillé
To switch the pile driving tool, the operator selects the tool on the screen and the machine settings change immediately to start working with the new equipment.

Advanced machine diagnosis is provided through the LCD screen , making trouble shooting easier.

Advanced monitoring and recording (optional)

PTC proposes advanced monitoring systems to register the working parameters of the jobsite, when working with Vibrodrivers and Hydraulic Hammers.

Reporting facilitated :

- Graphical representation of pile driving parameters

- Specific computer software is provided to recover the job site data for analyzing and printing the reports.

- Data transfer :

               - Data can be recorded in standard USB key for easy transfer to computer

               - An integrated GSM/GPRS modem allows immediate data transfer to the office computer (SIM card required)

Exemple d'un graphique obtenu grâce au Vibmaster:
Vibmaster is a monitoring system to control the Vibrodriver
according to the following:

- Set-up a limit of soil particle velocity
- Control the Vibrodriver's vibration to never surpass the stipulated soil particle velocity limit
- Display of penetration depth
- Display vibrator's operating pressure
- Vibrodriver's vibration frequency and amplitude (optional)
- Verticality (optional)
The Vibhammer is a monitoring system the allows engineers to calculate the pile bearing capacity.

- Display and records the energy and stroke data
- Display and records the penetration increments entered by the operator
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