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Equipment & Applications

PTC piling rigs offer a large working versatility. They can be equipped with the following pilling equipment:

Vibrofonceurs RHFV
RHFV Vibrodrivers
- For Driving & extracting:
- Sheet piles & H beams
- Casings > 1 m diameter
- Concrete & wooden piles
- Plastic /vinyl sheet piles
- Vertical wick drains (geotextile)
- For rigid inclusions
- Cast in-situ piles
- Waterlight curtains
Vibrofonceurs HV
HV Vibrodrivers
- Cast- in situ piles (using closed-end piles)
- Driving of casings
- Extraction of casings
- Vertical wick drains (geotextile)
- Installation of sand drains
- Construction of watertight curtains
- Rigid inclusions
Marteaux Hydrauliques
Hydraulic Hammers
For piling works with the following profiles :

- PU & AZ sheet piles (by pair)
- H & I beams
- Casings or piles of up to 762mm diameter
- Precast concrete piles
- Wooden piles
Presse Hydraulique
Hydraulic Press
- According to soil conditions some piles may initially have to be driven with a Vibrodriver.
- Pre-driling is also an option to consider.
- To extract sheet piles from the ground. No additional equipment is required for this process.
- Used in job sites requiring an extremely quiet pile driving process, such as near hospitals, universities, houses and offices.
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