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Vibro-compaction Method

Vibro-compaction Method


For land reclamation and sand compaction

The Vibro-compaction technique is used in granular soils with limited fines content. It uses the Vibrolance sustained vibrations to rearrange the soil particles of non-cohesive soils into a denser state. The action of the vibrator reduces the inter-granular forces between the soil particles, allowing them to move into a more compact configuration.

The 4 phases of Vibrocompaction treatment


The PTC Vibrolance penetrates the ground thanks to the combined effect of the vibrations emitted by the vibrator and the Vibrolance own weight.

The penetration is usually assisted by a water jetting system at the tip of the Vibrolance. The water reduces the interstitial pressure between the soil particles, thus reducing the friction with the soil.



Once at depth the Vibrolance performs a series of compaction intervals, starting from maximum depth of penetration upwards. During compaction, the vibrolance sustained vibrations agitate the particles and force the soil to rearrange to a denser state of compaction. The compacted soil forms a cylinder around the vibrolance.

Side water jetting may be used to facilitate the
extraction of the Vibrolance when the penetration
depth surpasses 20m.



The densification of the soil lowers the surface level and forms a crater at the top of the Vibrolance insertion point. This gap is backfilled during the compaction process, either with imported or in-situ material, which is added to the Vibrolance insertion point.

The compaction and backfilling process are
repeated until the Vibrolance reaches the surface
and is completely extracted from the ground.



sol compacté
When the Vibrolance reaches the surface, the compacted ground has a cylindrical shape from the bottom to the top of the Vibrolance insertion point.
The Vibrolance will be re-inserted in the ground at the next spot of the compaction grid, until the treated soil reaches the degree of compaction required.
The compaction of the soil causes a decrease of
the volume of up to 10%.


Vibcorder Monitoring System

The Vibcorder is the monitoring system recommended for all PTC Vibrolances and stone columns rigs. It monitors in real time a variety of working parameters allowing  to be sure to comply with the job site requirements.

The advantages

The Vibcorder Monitoring System displays these measurements in real time :

  • Soil Compaction, through the reading of the Vibrolance pressure
  • Depth of the Vibrolance (in meters)
  • Verticality of the Vibrolance
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