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Clamps & Accessories

Find out our accesories for your Excavator Mounted Vibrodrivers


Which clamp for your application? 

AGRIPLEX : For single sheetpile or H beams



DUPLEX : two clamps for casings

Duplex clamp is used for tubes, caissons or double sheetpiles.




For an easy adaptation to your excavator and Vibrodriver handling on the Jobsite 


Gooseneck Stick

This extension arm for the excavator boom increases the lifting height of the excavator by 2m and allows the driving of higher profiles.
Chape sur mesure

Fork Attachment

The fork attachment allows easy mounting of the Vibrodriver on the excavator arm.
Each fork can be adapted and tailor-made on each customer's exacavator.
PTC will fabricate the customized fork with the dimensions of the excavator arm.
stand de rangement

Storage Support

The storage support allows to save floor space on the job site and better organize the vibrators of your yard.
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