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24HFV, 32HFV and a CX85 Hammer on the new line 15 of Grand Paris Express

The Grand Paris Express project is one of the biggest construction project in Europe. A project of 35 Billions €uros to construct 200kms of new railways and 68 train stations.

About the Project

For the construction of the future station of the line 15 near Pont de Sèvres, a combined-wall need to be constructed. PTC Vibrodriver 32HFV equipped with Variable Moment Technology and a BSP CX85 Hammer were choosen to realize the combined-wall. This combined wall is made of AZ 12/700 sheetpile and a tube of 1 220 mm diameter and 21.50m long.

Construction of a sheetpile wall with the 24HFV Vibrodriver

Next to the combi-wall, a sheet pile wall was constructed with AZ 28-700 sheetpile of 13.5m long in order to protect and reconstruct the Gorse Quay.

Pictures of the project


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