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16HFV Variable Moment Vibrodriver on a river bank project with FAYAT TP

Contruction of a 260m of sheet pile wall to protect the zone around the river.

16HFV Vibrodriver working on a river bak in Libourne, France

The 16HFV Vibrodriver with high frequency and the Variable Moment technology has been chosen by FAYAT TP, a Fayat Group company for the consolidation of a river bank project in Libourne. Thanks to its resonance-free start up and stop down as well as the amplitude adjustment anytime option which allowed customer to work in sensitive area and using a telescopic boom.
This sheet pile wall is made to protect the residential area and infrastructures around the river against natural erosion amplified by the tidal bore (the waves that travels up a river against the direction of the river).

Renforcement des berges

Constructed with AZ18-800 Arcelor Mittal® piles of 9m and 11m length. The sheet piles were installed by pair by using a guide which facilitates the verticality of the piles and improve the penetration. The 16HFV Vibrodriver was equipped with a shoeplate designed for AZ large sheetpile to drive in a sandy-clayey gravel soil.
This PTC AZ shoeplate is designed for all AZ sheetpiles and adapted to our medium range of Vibrodrivers up to 75HD, 60HV or 32HFV.

The work were done in mid-tide of the Dordogne River to be able to reach the desired depth needed for the reinforcement.
The river banks were reconstituted by pebble drain, clay embankments, and then by a coconut matting geogrid. A willow cutting will be planted on each linear meter to finish the slope.

260 linear meters

of sheet pile wall

AZ 18-1800

11m sheet pile


of galet drains