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About us

A world leading company specialised in the design and manufacturing of pile driving and soil improvement equipments.


Founded in 1928, 90 Years already !

Since its foundation in 1928, beginning with the invention of the concrete vibrator, PTC has specialised in developing vibration techniques.

PTC has played a leading role in the development of the vibrodrivers: it was the first company to launch the hydraulic vibrodrivers in early seventies, the first to introduce the high frequency Vibrodrivers and the high frequency Vibrodrivers with controlled variable amplitude (HFV Vibrator).

Thanks to its integration in the Fayat's Group in 2004, our product portfolio was enlarged to answer the needs of the different market segments within the foundation industry.
Made in France

Key facts

• International company

• Turnover : 85% export / 15% France

• Worldwide presence : 40 dealers

• 1 Subsidiary: PTC Far East (Singapore)

• Headquarters and factory : Paris region - 15 000 sqm production site

• 100% made in France

• 50 employees

• A Fayat Group company

PTC, Tradition & Innovation

  • 1928

    The creation of " Procédés Techniques de Construction" - PTC

    In 1926, a team of French engineers invent the solution of a concrete vibrator. Two years later in 1928, PTC is born.
  • 1958

    Invention of the first electric Vibrodriver

    Launch of the first electric Vibrodriver on the market
  • 1971

    Hydraulic Vibrodriver

    At the end of 1971, PTC introduces the first Vibrodriver with hydraulic power engine.
  • 1982

    High Frequency

    Introduction of the High Frequency Vibrodriver - "HF"
  • 1992

    Variable Moment Technology

    PTC is the first company that developed a technology that allows driving with adjustable amplitude at any moment. Variable moment technology offers a resonance-free start up and stop down.
  • 1998


    To complete its offer, PTC starts the first Vibrolance for vibrocompaction and stone columns in early 1998.
  • 1998


    PTC introduces the " Vibmaster®" system in 1998. It allows to continuously control the driving of piles and sheet piles by reading the pressure of the equipment, the soil particle velocity (in m/s), to control the Vibration and the depth of the penetration on the screen.
  • 2004


    PTC is integrated in the Fayat Group, a world leader in compaction equipment and France n°1 in steel works and n°4 in building & public works.
  • 2008

    3 Patents deposited

    Ecomode System
    Easy on site Vibrolance
    Variable Moment Technology 2.0
  • 2011

    Stone columns Rig - SC13 - SC15 - SC18

    PTC develops the stones columns rigs to attain the highest stone columns production.
  • 2015

    Vibrolance Bottom-Feed System "BFS"

    The BFS system is used to produce a high quality stone columns, thanks to its system that allows to fed the stones at the bottom of the hole.
  • 2018

    New mobile application for jobsite

    PTC introduces the first mobile app of the equipment prediction in the world of construction.